Covering vehicles
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Your vehicle is an ideal way to communicate about your company or services. By integrating your logo, slogan, contact details, or other key information about your company, you can increase its visibility. Count on DK Publicité to design adhesive advertising for your vehicle. Request and receive your free online quote.

Why choose adhesive advertising on your vehicle?

We understand the challenges of making your brand visible. That’s why we offer an adhesive advertising service for application to your vehicles. When you’re on the move, potential customers will be able to contact you thanks to the information on your vehicle, so don’t miss the opportunity to communicate your company’s details!

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Why choose us?

At DK Publicité, we’ve been experts in the creation of exterior and interior signage elements for over 30 years, working with a wide range of companies and organizations on a variety of missions. Our experience enables us to offer you top-quality services in terms of signage installation techniques and strategies. Thanks to the skills we’ve acquired over the years, we’re able to provide you with increasingly customized services. We are also committed to complying with all applicable standards. As a result, you’ll benefit from effective, long-lasting signage, while getting your message across as effectively as possible. Depending on your needs, we can offer you a complete or partial covering in line with your corporate identity.

Your online quote

For further information, please contact us. For all signage requests, ask for a free online quote. We’ll give your inquiry our full attention, and get back to you as quickly and accurately as possible.