Your visual identity in 3D lettering
Élément graphique titre

If you’d like to enhance your corporate identity with raised lettering, DK Publicité offers a customized raised lettering service to highlight your presence both inside and outside your premises. Get your free quote online.

3D lettering

When designing an embossed lettering project, several crucial pieces of information need to be provided. These include letter height, material, color, typography and substrate or surface type.

As your project takes shape, we’ll work with you to define all the technical aspects of your lettering, to guarantee an optimal result that will stand the test of time. We’ll work with you to choose the ideal location, material and support for your 3D letters.

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Why choose DK advertising?

With 30 years’ experience, we offer our outdoor and indoor signage services to a diverse clientele throughout Switzerland. At DK Publicité, we focus on customer satisfaction, using the best technologies to realize your projects.

3D lettering is one of our areas of expertise, and we work with companies and organizations to reinforce their image with their target audience by creating personalized three-dimensional lettering. In this way, we support you in the process of becoming easily accessible and visible to all.

The use of lettering signage is also an excellent strategy for highlighting your company’s values and messages, whether to your internal teams or your customers.

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